The Cultural Institute of Architecture Wallonia-Brussels (ICA) identifies, analyses, publicizes and builds the architectural culture specific to the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB).

For this purpose, it highlights architectural, landscaping and urban initiatives and projects that promote the construction of a high-quality built environment and a sense of community living. Based on the principle that architectural culture is something which concerns everyone, the ICA wishes to create a meeting place for all architecture-related professions, citizens and commissioners, since they are all actors and users of the territory.

The ICA thus forms the core of architectural culture in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, with the aim of creating a cultural reference network for architecture and encouraging its development. It references all activities related to architectural culture in the FWB.

© Gaetan Nadin
© Mara De Sario

The ICA is not one place, but places. It moves around, goes to meet the actors of the territory and stimulates this cultural network through a series of exhibitions, installations, visits, symposiums, workshops and activities.